Monday, May 18, 2015

Blood, Etc Blogfest

When I saw the blogfest on Alex and Heather’s respective blogs, I didn't need to search for a post. 

Some spoilers.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith. John and Jane have been married five or six years—depending on whom you ask. Their marriage, conceived in deception and lies, is about to fail. After five or six years, the truth explodes like a Fourth of July aerial display and they learn exactly who they married.

Both are assassins employed by competing enterprises.
Secretive and dangerous. And very, very good at their job of killing and lying, especially to each other.

Their respective companies discover the truth first and assign a new job; kill the other. After a muffed attempt at the mutual kill-off, John and Jane learn the truth about their special talents and react with typical finger-pointing:

John: We have an unusual problem here, Jane. You obviously want me dead, and I'm less and less concerned for your well-being.
Jane: [after shooting through a wall at John] Still alive, baby?
But they keep missing their target:                              
John: That's the second time you've tried to kill me today. 
Jane: Oh, come on, it was just a little bomb.
Maybe they have a “...crap marriage...” but love and passion hides behind their feelings of betrayal. They, ahem, make up (this be the boobs part of the post) and come to grips with their past. But their firms are definitely not okay with their acceptance and hire new company assassins to take care of “the problem”.

But John and Jane are great at what they do...killing people:
John: How many? Ok... I'll go first, then. I don't keep exact count, but I'd say, uh, high 50s, low 60s. I mean, I know I've been around the block an all, but...
Jane: 312. 
John: What? How? 
Jane: Some were two at a time.
And they join forces and prevail against their employers.

Great movie with lots of Show rather than Tell. Good humor throughout also, more than what you might think for this grim subject matter.

Now my Gripe/Whine: The makeup sex is, er, rather explicit, at least for PG-13 and TV. I was surprised that they could show it.

Thanks to Heather and Alex for putting on this Blogfest!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

B, B, & C Blogfest

Hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh and Heather Gardner.

Here’s the details, short and simple: 

On May 18, 2015, post about a movie, television show, book, or all three that falls into the category of Blood, Boobs, and Carnage. (Or just Blood and Carnage or other mixture.) It can be any genre that fits the bill – fantasy, science fiction, action, adventure, western, thriller, etc. Post the badge and visit other participants.

Sign up Here

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Flash Contest!!

Guess the significance of this photo and win a book of your choice. Hopefully one of mine though.

First one to comment with the correct answer wins!

Monday, April 20, 2015


...or How to Cure, or at least Smother, Writer's Block

It’s been a slow, dry spell. Muse has fled and the sugar-sweetness of your newest manuscript is like sour cherries, devoid of inspiration.

It happens to all writers. The day when the Voices move on leaving you flopping in the sun like a fish out of water.

Remedies follow:

First, a routine. Yes, punch in a time clock and follow it without fail. Let nothing get in your way. Pick a time and write. Or at least try.

Since Life has a way of interfering with our Voices, pick a reasonable time and try for a daily word count. My routine is something like this:
  • In Chair at 9 am
  • Stay there for two hours with minimal research time. I set a timer to keep myself from wandering Jamaica looking for surnames—stuff like that
  • In Chair at 1 pm. Two hours then a break. 

All of the above is subject to change. Mostly I write for longer than 2 hours or go back to it after 4 pm for blogging etc.

Second, talk with them Voices. Pick a character. Have a conversation, see where they want to go with their life. Let them unload on you about their problems or past history that causes them to act the way they do.

Non-writers make me laugh and not with a lot of humor. “What's hard about it?" they ask. "You sit, you write. All too easy."

Writers know the truth:
"Writing is easy: All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead." - Gene Fowler
"To say that a writer's hold on reality is tenuous is an understatement — it's like saying the Titanic had a rough crossing. Writers build their own realities, move into them, and occasionally send letters home." - DAVID GERROLD

And last:
Q. How many publishers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A. Three. One to screw it in. Two to hold the author.

Keep writing. Otherwise the Voices will make your head explode. You know it's true.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Not this Time

...Or why A to Z challenge just isn’t possible this year.

It started in 2010 with 100 participants and grew exponentially every year since into the behemoth it is in 2015. I participated in 2011, 12, and 2014. Loved it. Absolutely Loved It.

But, Holy Smokes, the time it takes.

Reading the blogger posts of the participants enriched my writerly ways. Making new friends and viewing the world through their eyes was like standing on their front porch and seeing it for myself.

But there are only so many hours in the day and evidently, my organizational skills suck.

And so, I am not participating this year. But I will check the list of those who ARE participating from time to time, visiting my friends and making new ones. 

But I’m not posting or commenting 300 plus times like last year.

Thanks for peeking at my blog. Love having you and expect a return visit.


I take great pleasure in obscure accomplishments. The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America accepted my request for membership.

My peers know what it means to me. *Doing a Major Snoopy Dance*

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